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Bolt detection
May 04, 2017

Bolt detection is divided into two kinds of artificial and machine. Artificial is the most primitive and the most commonly used consistent detection method. In order to minimize the outflow of undesirable goods, the general production enterprise personnel through the way of visual treatment of packaging or delivery of products to test to exclude undesirable products (adverse including dental injuries, mixing, rust, etc.).

Another way for automatic detection of machines, mainly magnetic particle flaw detection.

Magnetic particle flaw detection is the use of the magnetic flux leakage of bolt defects and magnetic particle interaction, for the possible defects of bolts (such as cracks, slag, mixing, etc.) permeability and steel permeability differences, the magnetic field after magnetization of these materials will occur in the discontinuity of the Qi change, the formation of part of the magnetic flux leakage at the workpiece surface produced a magnetic field, thus attracting magnetic particles to form defects in the accumulation of magnetic particles-magnetic marks, in the appropriate lighting conditions, show defect position and shape, the accumulation of these magnetic particles to observe and interpret, has achieved the purpose of eliminating undesirable products.