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Environmental Monitoring Is Not Tolerated
Aug 01, 2017

Since last year, the environment law enforcement increasing, for many of the industry, including fastener enterprises, relevant departments are broad, aggressive scrutiny on environmental control and punishment.
Have commented: "the current environment, observe the extent of the law enforcement efforts, the impact of than any period in the past."Indeed, not the large steel plant, dyeing factory, is our fastener enterprises, last year the following year to the present, because of the environmental problem of shutting down.
Recently, the vice minister of environmental protection ZhaiQing in environmental law enforcement big training 2016 annual summary and 2017 workers start, said at the meeting and big training to promote the case quantity rises sharply.This year (2017 years) environmental protection ministry will continue to carry out the environmental protection law enforcement big training activities, time from 3 months to 5 months.Emissions will focus on industrial pollution source overall up to standard, mainly for steel, thermal power, cement, coal, paper making, printing and dyeing, eight industry companies such as sewage treatment plant, incinerator emissions standard case to carry out the law enforcement inspection, to resolutely curb excessive discharge phenomenon, to urge the key units installed monitor and ensure the normal operation of equipment.

This undoubtedly give us alarm fastener industry.Simply evading inspection, production "hide-and-seek" type in the current strike hard environment, has been completely not possible.It is understood that the current fastener enterprises because of environmental problems around the closure is not in the minority, visible efforts in the scrutiny of environmental protection cannot be tolerated.
"On a daily basis to apply the penalty, the circumstances are serious, have to be punished in accordance with the law, to make illegal enterprise business, their love."ZhaiQing, vice-minister of environmental protection is put forward, according to a new judicial interpretation and the environmental protection measures for the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion work, for monitoring and surveillance data fraud, motor vehicle environmental protection inspection fraud, illegal transfer of hazardous waste disposal and so on suspicion of environmental pollution by the typical case, increase the investigation dynamics.At the same time, vigorously publicity to the typical case, really play a deterrent for violations of the law.
Sustainable development is put forward an estimated ten years!But truly carry out the sustainable development of enterprise is not much.To the enterprise long-term development, single thinking of gaming is no hope