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Rebar Fierce : A Three Years Of High Prices Why Don't The Off-season Light?
Aug 03, 2017

These days, black represented by rebar futures prices jumped straight again, seems to have staged last year.Why the traditional off-season an unexpected market hot?

This is related to the current market expectations of supply and demand gap, in the fight against "DeTiaoGang", shut down under the influence of intermediate frequency furnace and so on policy, the steel market supply is expected to decline, but the demand side is not obvious shrinkage, could even expanding.Although crude steel production rose from the same period a year earlier, but the market is generally accepted that contradiction between supply and demand will increase, resulting in higher prices and conduct from the entity to the futures market and stock market.

"Because of the real estate industry regulation stage, so we have been observing the downstream demand, the results through research, data and comparison, rebar demand has no obvious drop, at the same time inventory is in a very low position", chengdu a private person told reporter in the 21st century economy.

Every year in July, the iron and steel industry to enter the off-season, but this year the situation is different, domestic rebar prices from July began to rise in a row, and every hit a high of nearly three years.

Closed as of August 2, 1710 main rebar futures contract settlement price is 3719 yuan/ton.Because the futures is spot in the "premium" state, so a higher spot price on the market, on August 1, 25 major cities nationwide type HRB400 rebar average has topped 4000 yuan mark.

"The recent tough talk in electric arc furnace policy, decision makers to make the market supply is expected to significantly change on new electric arc furnace", southwest of the futures industry researcher Xia Xuezhao said on August 2, in contrast, demand side, real estate development investment growth is slowing down in June, heralding medium-term demand may also be relatively optimistic.

21st century economic report the reporter understands, although at the end of June to disclose the clearing of DeTiaoGang production capacity of 120 million tons, but most research firm estimates the number of higher than this level, according to 50% of capacity utilization conversion, combined cleaning capacity of about 60 million tons - 80 million tons, and have not significantly lower demand, gap corresponding to.

Notable is, this year, steel prices remain high, driving the steel related subdivision industry rise, graphite electrode, vanadium iron prices have jumped years has more than 400% and 200%, respectively, for stainless steel production of nickel from July this year, there is a 9% rise.