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About Us

Novelty Trading Development Co.,Ltd Our company established in 2005. located in Ningbo Zhejiang ,China.we are leading export all kinds of fasteners and other hardware all of the world. Main export to South America,North America.Middle East ,Europe,Australia,and Asia.We try to supply a fully range of products for the world market in all kinds of materials,classes,and all size, now the main products is screws, bolts, nuts, nails,washers,anchors ,cnc parts and stamping parts. Have own factory can guarantee delivery and quality .We have our principle as "clients' needs come first", at the same time, we are taking "quality first, prestige first, service first" as our principle, we sincerely welcome customer all over the world to our company to discuss and visit.

Catalogue and Products


Anchor Screw

Drop in Anchor, Anchor Screw, Anchor Screw with Plug, Anchor Screw Plug with Wing, Anchor Screw Plug, Matel Frame Anchor, Hook Expansion Anchor Bolt, Metal Frame Anchor, Anchor Screw With Plug, Heavy Duty Shell Anchor, plasterboard fixings,

Chipboard Screw

Chipboard Screw, Full Thread Chipboard Screws,

Combination Screw

Combination Screw, Hex Socket Combination Screws, SEM Screw,

Confirmat Screw

Hex Socket Confirmat Screw, Confirmat Screw, Confirmat Screws, Double Head Confirmat Screw,

Double Screw

Double Screw, Double Thread Screw, Double Stud Screw,

Drywall Screw

Countersunk Head Phil with Coarse Thread Drywall Screw, Pan Head Phil with Coarse Thread Drywall Screw, Pan Head Phil with Fine Thread Drywall Screw,

Eye Screw

Eye Joint Screw, J roofing Screw, Eye bolt, Eye Screw with Washer, Eye Screw,

Machine Screw

Oval Head Pozi Machine Screw, Button Head Hex Socket Machine Screw, Cup Head Hex Socket Machine Screw, Pan Head Phil Machine Screw, Truss Head Composite Slot Machine Screw, Pan Head Phil Machine Screw, Countersunk Head Hex Socket Machine Screw, Countersunk Head Phil Machine Screw, Washer Head Slot Machine Screw, Pan head Slot Machine Screw,

Self Drilling Screw

Flat Head Square Drive Self Drilling Screw(Stainless Steel), Truss Head Phil Drive Self Drilling Screw, Hex Washer Head Drilling Screw with Painting, Hex Washer Head Drilling Screw, Mushroom Head Drilling Screw, Pan Head Phil Drive Drilling Screw, Countersunk Head Phil Drive Drilling Screw, Flat Head Phil Drive Drilling Screw, Pan Framing Head Phil Drive Drilling Screw, Self Drilling Screw, Drywall Self Drilling Screw,

Set Screw

Hexagon Socket Set Screw, Hexagon Socket Flat Point/Cone Set Screw, Hexagon Socket Cup Point Set Screw, Hexagon Socket Dog Point Set Screw, Hexagon Socket Flat Point Set Screw,

Tapping Screw

Tapping Screw, Tapping Screw Threads, Pan Head Tapping Screw, Tapping Screw, Tapping Screw Threads, Pan Head Tapping Screw, Tapping Screw with flat point, Stainless steel Tapping Screw, Pan Head Tapping Screw,

Wood Screw

Hexagog Lag Screw(DIN571), Countersunk Slot Head Wood Screw, Hook Wood Screw,

Lead Screw

Lead screw, Lead screw with metal nut, Lead Screw with plastic nut,

Concrete Screw

Concrete Screw

Brass Fitting Series

Brass Fitting

BSW thread Brass Fitting, Brass Fittings, Brass Fitting 003, Brass Fitting 004, Brass Fitting 015, Brass Fitting 006, Hex Brass Fitting, L type Brass Fitting, Brass Fitting with sharp point, NPT Thread Brass Fitting, Knurling Brass Fitting, Steel Fitting, Brass Fitting 013, Brass Fitting 014, Brass Fitting 015, Brass Fitting,

Pipe Fitting

DWJ fitting 90 degree, DGJ fitting, pipe fitting,

Thread Fitting

thread pipe


Common Nail

Common Nail

Spike Nail

Spike Nail

Steel Nail

Steel Nail

Twisted Nail

Twisted Nail, Yellow zincTwisted Nail,

Concrete Nail

Concrete Nail

Roofing Nail

Roofing Nail

Umbrella Nail

Umbrella Nail

Nail Cable Clip

Nail Cable Clip

Nail Cable Clip(Square with Black), Nail Cable Clip(Round with White), Nail Cable Clip, Nail Cable Clip(Square with White),


Hex Nut

Hex Nut DIN934, Hex Cap Nut, Hex Nut,

Square Nut

Square Nut, Square Weld Nut,

Nylon Nut

Nylon Nut DIN985

Wing Nut

Wing Nut DIN 315

Flange Nut

Flange Nut DIN6923

Spring Nut

Spring Nut

Claw Nut

Claw Nut

Long Nut

Long Nut

Slot Nut

Slot Nut DIN 937, Hex Flange Slot Nut, Hex slot nut,

Thin Pipe Nut

Hex Thin Nut, Thin pipe nut,


T nut

Rivet Nut

Rivet Nut


Cotter Pin

Cotter Pin DIN94, Stainless Steel Cotter Pin,

Round Pin

stainless steel Round Pin

Long Pin

Long Pin

Hole Pin

Hole Pin


Blind Rivet

Blind Rivet, Pin Blind Rivet,

Hollow Rivet

Hollow Rivet

Semi Tubular Rivet

Semi Tubular Rivet


Carriage Bolt

Carriage Bolt

Flange Bolt

Flange Bolt DIN6921

Hex Head Bolt

Slot hex head bolt

Hex Socket Cap

Hex Socket Cap Bolt DIN912

Roofing Bolt

Roofing Bolt

Square Bolt

Square Bolt, Square bolt,


weld T-Bolt, T-bolt,

Tie Wire Bolt

Tie Wire Bolt


U-Bolt, U-Bolt with Nut,

Hex Cap Bolt

Hex Cap Bolt, Hex Cap Bolt DIN933,

Stamping Parts

Punch Parts

stamping parts

Stamping Parts

Stamping Parts, Metal Stamping Parts, Steel Stamping Parts, Stamping Parts, Metal Stamping Parts, Steel Stamping Parts,

Thread Rod

Acme Rod

ACME lead screw, Lead screw, lead screw with T thread, ACME rod with Nylon nut, lead screw with packing,

Din975 Rod

DIN975 thread rod

Thread Rod

Thread Rod, Acme Thread Rod, Thread Rod B7, lead screw, B7 thread rod,

Titanium Series

Titanium Flat Washer

Titanium Flat Washer, Titanium Flat Washer,

Titanium Hex Bolt

Titanium Hex Scoket Screw, Titanium Hex Scoket Screw with bike, Titanium Hex Socket Screw DIN912, Titanium Hex Socket Screw, Ti hex bolt, Titanium flange bolt,

Titanium Hex Nut

Titanium Hexagon Nut, Titanium Flange Nut, Ti Hex Nut, Ti lock nut,

Titanium Pin

Titanium pin, Ti pin,

Titanium Screw

Titanium Bolt and Nut, Titanium Bicyle Screw, Titanium Connect Screw, Pan Head Hex Socket Titanium Screw, Titanium Pan Head Phil Screw, Titanium Flat Head Hex Socket Screw, Ti double screw, Ti male and female screw, Ti Bicycle screw, Ti hex socket screw,

Turning Lathe

Wiring Terminal, Contect Part, Photo Frame Pin, Connect Screw, Scroll Shaft, Scroll Shaft, Motor Shaft, Shaft,

Flat Washer

Epdm Washer

EPDM Washer

Flat Washer

teeth lock Washer, Steel Flat Washer, Flat Washer, Stop Ring Washer, DIN6799 Washers, Steel Flat Washer, Flat Washer, Steel Flat Washer, Stainless Steel flat Washers, Plastic Washers, Steel Flat Washer,

Rubber Washer

Flat Rubber Washer

Teeth Washer

Stainless Steel teeth Washers, Lock teeth washer,

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